Air handling unit repair and refurbishment

Arnav Ecology System Services can refurbish any model of existing air handling or packaged air conditioning equipment, including those supplied by other manufacturers.

The refurbishment of existing air handling and packaged air conditioning equipment is a practical   alternative to replacing with new. Those with experience of on-site refurbishment quickly realise the benefits:

Cost effectiveness

Typically, the refurbishment cost of existing equipment is 35-50% of the cost of new, this excludes the removal and re-installation costs. New components can often be flat packed to further save crane and road closure costs. If budgets are tight, quotes can be provided to give an itemised list, so works can be limited to essential items only.

Less disruption, more flexibility

Works can be scheduled so as not to interfere with a client’s business or their neighbours. VES can even carry out works overnight or at weekends.

Refurbishment is often a quicker option from start to finish than replacement. It also gives the choice of separating the necessary works and completing at different times for greater flexibility. For instance, a gas burner can be replaced one weekend, casework and other components on another. A controls upgrade that can integrate with BMS could follow, with other equipment on site.

Improving existing specification 

This could include adding a cooling coil, heat recovery, higher grade filtration or upgrading fan performance. Increased efficiency means running costs can be improved by a considerable margin.